Carnegie Lecture

Carnegie Lecture

To mark the 125th anniversary of one of the most notorious strikes in American history, the Homestead dispute that took place in Andrew Carnegie’s Homestead Steeworks in Pittsburgh in 1892, a ‘Carnegie Lecture’ will take place in ‘Fire Station Creative’ on Tuesday 28th November.

Subtitled ‘From Chartist Roots to Labour Unrest: Andrew Carnegie and the Homestead dispute of 1892’, Professor of Scottish History at Edinburgh University, Ewen Cameron, who lives in Dunfermline, and his colleague Dr Fabian Hilfrich, Senior Lecturer at Edinburgh University in American History, will explore aspects of this strike and the factors that led to it taking place. Professor Cameron will look at the working-class Chartist movement that had been prominent in Dunfermline in Carnegie’s youth in agitating for political reform. One of the lesser known facts about Andrew Carnegie is that he came from a very radical background, and his uncle, Tom Morrison, a noted orator, played a significant role in this organisation in Dunfermline, being arrested and charged for sedition in 1842.

Dr Hilfrich will cover the strike itself which was eventually broken by a force of 300 Pinkerton Detectives leaving three of the Pinkerton Detectives dead along with seven striking steelworkers. The event will be chaired by the former First Minister Henry Mcleish who in recent years has been a visiting professor at a number of Universities in the United States teaching UK government and politics:

“I am very much looking forward to chairing the ‘Carnegie Lecture’ on the subject of the Homestead Strike in the home town of Andrew Carnegie. The subject of labour relations is as important today as it was 125 years ago when Andrew Carnegie was working his way up to becoming the richest man in the world” he said.

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