Exhibition : My Dunfermline

Exhibition : My Dunfermline

My Dunfermline  is an exhibition influenced by Vic MacRae and Alan Grieve’s personal reflections on the places that are important or significant to them in the town they live. Alan is born and bred in Dunfermline, whilst Vic is new to the area having moved here with her family in 2015.

Vic’s take on Dunfermline is influenced by her six year old daughter (Iris), and the places they like to go to together. They are frequent visitors to the public Park where Vic takes part in a weekly exercise session in the Bandstand and Iris enjoys playing in the rather careworn play park. The underpass in the public park is a favourite haunt with its steep sides to run up and slide down, ripped trousers are an inevitable hazard!  With a new kitten in the family Vic and Iris often visit Pets at Home, both to pick up supplies and have a look at the rabbits and guinea pigs.  As the nearest shop to home, they often pop into Aldi together to pick up messages.

These places are all illustrated in Vic’s artwork that is drawn with fineliner pens that then are scanned and coloured digitally. Prints will be for sale on the evening.

Alan will be showing a selection of drawings he creates for the Visit Dunfermline Facebook page.

All drawings are available as prints for purchase.

About Vic MacRae

Vic was born in Northumberland in 1973 and grew up in the north of England before moving to Edinburgh in 1992 to study design. Following a career in 3D Design and latterly Graphics and Illustration she moved to Dunfermline in 2015, where she works as a freelance designer and illustrator. Vic participates in the Edinburgh based Arts in Mental Health Group Artlink and first met Alan when the group visited his hair salon and exhibition area ‘Workspace’ in Wellwood for a tour and discussion of his recent work.

Opening date: 8th April 2017 at 7pm
At: Workspace, 4 Leadside Crescent, Wellwood, Dunfermline KY12 0NX
Artists: Vic MacRae and Alan Grieve