Royal Burgh of Culross

Royal Burgh of Culross
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  • Adult: £10.50
  • Family: £24.50
  • 1 Parent: £17.50
  • Concession: £7.50


The Royal Burgh of Culross is a unique survival, a town that time has passed by. It is the most complete example in Scotland today of a Burgh of the 17th and 18th centuries. The Town House was built in 1626 and was the administrative centre of Culross with a tollbooth and witches’ prison. The old buildings and cobbled streets create a fascinating time warp for visitors.

Close your eyes and you can almost hear the calls of medieval street vendors selling their wares and the clang of hammers on metal as the Hammermen of Culross fashioned the famous girdles.

Explore the beautiful refurbished Palace which dates from 1597 – imagine what it would have been like to live within the splendid interiors, featuring painted woodwork, and 17th- and 18th-century furniture.

Culross is perfect for families too. Children can look out for the free roaming Culross Dumpy Hens in the Palace Garden Orchard and discover for themselves why they’re called ‘dumpy’. There are knitted Culross chicks to be found in the Palace too – families can follow the clues to find the chicks and reveal the secret word. When you’ve finished with that, take the town tour to find out where Haggs Wynd and Stinking Wynd got their names from!  A great family day out!

All visitors should go to the Townhouse for ticket purchase prior to entering the Palace area.

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