Royal Tombs, Dunfermline

Royal Tombs, Dunfermline


Dunfermline’s story in the history of Scotland, the Culdees link, and the effect of Macbeth being killed by Malcolm III.The destruction of Iona and King Malcolm making Dunfermline the place for Royal burials.

abbeyDraw_cropKing Malcolm III and Queen Margaret were buried in the Nave of Dunfermline Abbey. Queen Margaret was made a Saint in 1249, her bones and those of King Malcolm were lifted and moved to their new shrine at the east end of the new church where they lay until the Reformation of 1560. At the time of the Reformation the relics of Malcolm and Margaret were moved to Douay and then to the Escorial in Spain. A shoulder bone of Saint Margaret is now on display in the local Saint Margaret’s Catholic Church Dunfermline.

In the new Dunfermline Abbey of 1250, also the Locum Sepulturǣ Regium rests Alexander III and his Queen Margaret. Robert the Bruce I, with his Queen Elizabeth, Annabella, Queen of Robert III, Princes David, Alexander, and Robert, along with Princesses Christina De Bruce and Matilda Bruce.
We would like the tombs in the Nave of Dunfermline Abbey marked including where King Malcolm and Margaret were they were first buried.

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