Russian Choir Concert

Russian Choir Concert

St Margaret’s Memorial Church are hosting a concert by a visiting Russian Choir.


Concert program

Part one

1 «In Thy Kingdom Remenber Us,O Lord »
S.Rachman inov  (1873-1943)

2 «Why art thou cast down, O my soul»  Concerto no 33
D.Bortnyansky   (1751-1825)

3 «Beheld a strange Christmas »
G.Sviridov          (1951-1998)

4  «We have no other help»
A.Ka rpov

5 «Blessed is the Man»
G.Lyubimov      (1882-1934)

6 «Praise ye the Name of the Lord»

7 «The Repentant Thief  »

8 «Requiem aeternam»
G. Verdi  (1813-1901)

Part two

1 Tania-Taniuscha

2 Autumn

3 Old husband, terrible husband (Gipsy song)

4 Here’s the Mail Coach-and- Three Rushing

5 A Red Red Rose
( Robert Burns)

6 In the wine cellar
(Song of the Old Bachelor)

7 Two guitars uk


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