Scared To Dance – Fire Station Creative

Scared To Dance – Fire Station Creative

New Skids exhibition opens at Dunfermline’s Fire Station Creative

:: Image by Virginia Turbett

ICONIC images of The Skids and the punk music scene are now on display in Dunfermline.

Fire Station Creative is hosting the ‘Scared To Dance: The Skids and the Scottish Punk Rock Revolution 1977′, with the exhibition officially opening today (Thursday).

The show is curated by The Skids’ frontman, Richard Jobson, and music business consultant, Ronald Gurr.

The exhibition ties in with The Skids reformation and 40th anniversary tour, as well as the launch of their new album ‘Burning Cities’.

Richard Jobson said: “These old photographs capture the period as well as our attitude and innocence. They are amazing reflections of the time.

“I’ve never been that interested in looking backwards but this anniversary was worth having another look and listen. I hope people get an understanding of what it was like at the time from the various elements we have put together.

“The Skids were at the forefront of the punk movement in Scotland but are never given any credit for the work we did together.

“This exhibition is an opportunity to show how Punk came to Scotland through bands like the Clash and the Sex Pistols and how we were never far away as either a support act or eventually a headline band in our own right.

“I am a big supporter of FSC and felt it was the right place to set the scene of Punk in Scotland from 1977, not only in Glasgow and Edinburgh but also in Dunfermline.”

The exhibition will run to Saturday, July 2 and is free entry to the public.