20 by Maygate Gin: A cut above the rest!

20 by Maygate Gin: A cut above the rest!

Twenty years on from opening their salon in the Maygate, Brian and Debbie Jobson, and Hope Hairdressing are very much a fixture of the historic centre of Dunfermline.

But twenty years ago the Maygate was a very different proposition, and most people thought Brian was mad to want to open his salon there, amidst the boarded up shops. Brian however, had his heart set on the Maygate as a location and ignoring the doubters he opened Hope Hairdressing, and more recently the Old Town Barber Club. Every day customers comment on the beautiful views of the Abbey, Abbot House, and of course, the new Dunfermline Carnegie Library and Galleries. The Jobsons have come to love the Maygate and in honour of this beautiful historic area of Dunfermline have created their very own Gin, titled – “20 by Maygate Gin.”


The original batch of 120 bottles sold out in only four hours…


Brian added, “The original batch of 120 bottles sold out in only four hours so we have obtained an occasional license for this Saturday and Sunday (May 19th & 20th) to allow people to taste our fantastic new product. It’s a speak-easy pop up gin event at Old Town Barbers Club at 20 Maygate, where people can drop by between 5pm and 10pm to buy a gin and tonic or a special ‘20 Cocktail’ made from grapefruitcello and prosecco. If you are one of the lucky few to have pre-ordered a bottle of 20 by Maygate Gin you can pick up and Pay for your bottle during the event.


“Brian and I are so thankful to our friend Thomas Moffat (Visit Dunfermline) for introducing us to his partners at Loch Leven Brewery & Loch Leven Distillery. Our collaboration with these guys on ‘20 by Maygate Gin’ has been an absolute pleasure from start to finish and we look forward to working with them on many other exciting projects in the near future.” ~ Debbie & Brian Jobson Hope Hairdressing & Old Town Barber Club.