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Dunfermline is many things to Scots... not just to the rest of Scotland, but globally too. In 2022 we were awarded City status.

That said...

Who's not heard of King Robert The Bruce (his remains are in the Abbey, though not his heart), his famous spider...

Or the routing of English King Edward's army at Bannock Burn?

A few other things spring to mind though...

  • Damask.
  • Andrew Carnegie.
  • Big Country... (alright lads?)...

Independent thinking, appreciation of the Arts. The history, culture and future of the 'Auld Grey Toun' both ancient and modern.

Who are we?

I'm Billy George, born and raised in Dunfermline almost 59 years.

And along with a couple of esteemed colleagues we hope to bring you something perky, maybe even unusual.

Yes, we've only a simple site... but don't let that deter you.

Inside there's a wealth of fun and of fascinating Scottish tosh to be had here besides exclusive events offers and invites too.

From the Ancient Kingdom of Fife to a heart near you.

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