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Attractions in Dunfermline City

We've a lovely mix of venues to visit in Dunfermline old and new awaiting you. Plus lots of options to stay under cover, which helps if the weather is changeable.

Here are some ideas you may like to plan your trips around...

Dunfermline Abbey

Dunfermline Abbey was founded as a church by Queen Margaret (consort of Malcolm III - 'Canmore') in the 11th century with help from Benedictine monks. Later in 1128 it became an Abbey, due to the work and endowments bestowed by David I of Scotland. Some of Scotland’s greatest medieval royalty lie at rest in the Dunfermline Abbey.

Robert the Bruce, Queen Margaret, Malcolm III Canmore to name a few.

Speaking of King Robert The Bruce, his name carved in the stonework at the top of the Church Tower can be seen for miles, certainly make it a must visit.

(Be sure also to visit St Margarets Shrine in the graveyard of the Abbey as well as St Margarets Cave where Queen Margaret used to pray in secret. The cave possesses a very special atmosphere to this day).

Dunfermline Abbey Church

For over one thousand years there has been Christian worship in the Abbey Church. Today the baton has passed down to an active, worshipping congregation also active in the community. Which means if you come along to a service, in addition to a warm welcome and the worship itself you will be soaking up the unique atmosphere inside this historic space.

Dunfermline Palace

Due no doubt to it's Benedictine roots it seems the Abbey guesthouse was used for royalty which later became the palace. The Palace was redeveloped after the Reformation and was the official residence of Queen Anna of Denmark, who was married to James V1 of Scotland and James 1 of England.

Charles I son to them was born here in 1600.

Abbots House

Established during 1600, Abbots House was originally used by Abbots and Commendators for the nearby Abbey.

And big hitter...

Passionate reformer Robert Pitcairn (Secretary of State for Scotland) was resident here during the Scottish Reformation in 1560.

From the moment you set eyes on it and step inside, the 'Pink Hoose!' you will discover it's rich historical tapestry envelops you in what is reputed to be Dunfermline's oldest house.

Plus you'll also find...

It also has a wonderful walled garden. A gorgeous spot for coffee!

And talking of great coffee...

We've a new cafe inside, yet here's a tip... when the sun shines make a bee line for the walled garden outside.

Sipping a Latte out there you can almost imagine the monks moving about the garden, keeping bees or tending herbs...

It's a truly magical spot.

Abbots House has a great shop inside as well as the cafe so be sure to drop in when you come to Dunfermline.

Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum

"No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it."

Andrew Carnegie; Man of Steel, business tycoon, educator was known more than all else for his philanthropy. After travelling to America Carnegie became a giant of international affairs, yet never forgot his humble beginnings in a weavers cottage or Scots heritage. And so, the more his star rose the greater his philanthropy increased culminating in eventually giving away 90% of his wealth.

International projects he helped found as part of his philanthropy include...

  • Carnegie Hall in New York.
  • The Peace Palace in the Hague
  • Mount Wilson Observatory California

Dunfermline Carnegie Library & Galleries

Next to the worlds first Carnegie Library this stunning new building added in 2017 is a wonderful addition to the city. It houses a new museum, exhibition galleries, cafe, shop, reading rooms and children's library. For book lovers, browsers and merely inquisitive it's a definite place to add to the itinerery on your visit to Dunfermline.

Deep Sea World

Based on the Dunfermline side of the Forth Road Bridge (North Queensferry) Deep Sea World is perfect for young or old alike. Sealions, sea horses, seals and more! Attractions include both indoor and outdoor activities, including thrilling diving trips for the more adventurous.

Why thrilling? Because you will be diving with sharks :)

There are two types of dives...

  1. Adult Shark Swim.
  2. Children's Shark Swim.

If you prefer to be on the other side of the glass and warm and dry...

Then let the staff take you on fishy walk n' talks during feeding times. The soothing and spectacular sights and colours of the underwater world are entrancing. To experience stingrays, sharks and fish up close and personal definitely pay Deep Sea World a visit.

Fife Pilgrim Way

Walk in the footsteps of pilgrims and monks of old. Dunfermline's association with pilgrimage make it the ideal launch point to take in an 11 mile or so section of this famous walk.

Why not take join the Fife Pilgrim way north from Dunfermline up to Lochore Meadows?

Not only does it place you in the footsteps of medieval pilgrims while walking and taking in the magnificent scenery... As you walk you may wish to meditate on the miracles associated with Saint Margaret, the 'Queen of The Scots' who was married for Malcolm III King of Scotland for twenty five years.

The Queen took her faith seriously - for instance she fed the poor before she ate each day and frequently washed the feet of others.

West Fife Cycle Way

If you are not a fan of walking, instead you can always enjoy a peaceful cycle ride along the West Fife Cycle Way.

It's not a difficult ride.

At just eight miles long it's great for a relaxing bike ride rather than hard core marathon cycling.

Leaving Dunfermline from the top of William Street you're off road on a track based for the most part on the old railway line between Dunfermline and Stirling.

Then when you arrive in Clackmannan with the glorious Ochil hills as your backdrop you've come to the end of this lovely route. From here if you decide to continue the West Fife Way becomes the 'Clackmannan Way.'

Pittencrieff Park

Pittencriff Park is the best known of the two parks in Dunfermline.

Also known as 'The Glen' it was gifted to the people of Dunfermline by Andrew Carnegie when he set up The Carnegie Dunfermline Trust. It's a wonderful park which grows better by the year and also hosts wildlife too like it's famous Peacocks. They like to think of they are 'Royals' themselves and why not!

It's hilly, has lots of open space perfect for a leisurely picnic alongside a wonderful glasshouse with huge variety of plants and cafe.

Plus free parking, that's good eh!

Here's more about this special glen.

Dunfermline Public Park

The lesser known of the two parks in Dunfermline City, yet one held in fond regard by visitors and locals alike. It's also home to the Bandstand, still in use today. And a perfect spot to enjoy all sorts of music in this beautiful setting.

More here.

Sport (Football, Golf etc)

If you like your sport and football in particular then check out Dunfermline Athletic Football Club as well as excellent children's football programs via the Pars Foundation .

If golf is more your up your street then there are two places in particular you should check out...

Fife Golf Studio -The next big thing in golf. And that's without exaggeration. Pristine live golf experience but INDOORS! Play greatest courses on earth without the dreich Scottish drizzle or blustery gales we sometimes get in Dunfermline ;)

Or if on the other hand, you don't care what the weather!

Try a round along at...

Dunfermline Golf Club - Parkland Golf at it's finest.

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