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Blogger Profile: Migrating Miss

Blogger Profile: Migrating Miss

Sonja is the inspiration behind Migrating Miss.  A Kiwi (New Zealander) by birth, she has called six countries home over the years. These days you will find her in Scotland with her husband and young son.

At last count, Sonja has visited 42 countries! Her passion for travel was passed on to her from her parents, she started travelling at the age of 16, and, as she describes in her website I never really stopped!

Migrating Miss is more than just travel itineraries.  With her years of travel and expat experience, Sonja provides a first hand account of the unique challenges of travel whether it be solo, travelling as a couple or travelling with children.  She also provides fantastic insight into what it is like to live abroad.

Sonja loves Scotland, and considers it her second home.  If you are planning a trip to Scotland, then her Scotland Page is must see, with a range of resources and content, you are sure to find something special.

Sonja on the Isle of Lewis & Harris, Scotland.

Whilst lockdown has put a halt on travelling for many, it has not stopped Sonja, together with her husband, bringing Scotland to you.

A new addition to the repertoire has been Scottish Scran A veritable feast of the senses, bringing Scottish cuisine to your kitchen in easy to follow recipes.

As described on the website;

“We aim to discover Scotland one dish at a time by exploring traditional and modern Scottish recipes.
We created Scottish Scran to not only learn more about Scottish cuisine but to bring it into our home and our kitchen and yours too.”

Fancy a decadent piece of Scottish Tablet?  They have an easy recipe to follow. And we can guarantee you won’t stop at one piece!

Scottish Tablet, a heavenly combination of sugar, butter and condensed milk!

Or what about a Scotch Pie? Whilst you are sure to find one in any bakery in Scotland, home-made is even better and its easier than you think to make at home.

Scotch Pie. A tasty meat filling in a ‘hot water pastry’

To keep up-to-date with the latest from Migrating Miss and Scottish Scran, dont forget to follow their Facebook and Instagram pages.



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