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Blogger Profile: Two Scots Abroad

Blogger Profile: Two Scots Abroad

If you wanted to find one word to describe a travel blogger, it would be passion! Passion for travel, passion for their communities and passion for finding the most unique and memorable travel experiences possible. Travel bloggers are self employed individuals driven by a desire to share their love for their country and the world with other people who are seeking a one of a kind experience.  Covid19 has not been kind to those who are in this industry and who play such a critical role in marketing destinations.  We at Visit Dunfermline wanted to find out more about our local bloggers and what makes them tick!

Gemma and Craig Armit

Gemma and Craig Armit are the indomitable, tartan loving pair that make up ‘Two Scots Abroad‘  Both put their careers on pause in 2015 to literally take on the world.  They visited 16 countries in 17 months.  From this, they have created ‘how to’ guides and itineraries for each country that they have visited.

As they describe it on their website, “You will find us seeking out the street art in cities, road tripping to discover new destinations, hiking the hills, hitting the slopes, and chasing new music with a beer/wine in one hand and a camera in the other“.

What makes their website so informative, is that Gemma and Craig are real people; earning money, paying bills and all that is involved with it .  They know, travel is expensive and you have to find very creative ways to save and travelling can take a lot of planning! If you want tips on how to save for your next big adventure, look no further than their website .

Gemma and Craig now live in Fife, Scotland. Even with lockdown in place, this has not stopped them thinking of new and creative ways to inspire their followers.  We have all had to adapt to a new way of working and a new way of seeking travel experiences from home.  For bloggers, working from home is second nature.

What better way to get tips on how to do it than from someone who does it all the time?

Travelling does not have to be just about places to visit, Gemma has put together a number of travel inspired activities to do at home.  In her blog, she talks about many ideas including;  virtual tours, colouring in pages and even learning a new language.

If you want to get more about travelling through Scotland and travelling in general then follow Two Scots Abroad on Instagram Stories and Facebook and sign up for their newsletter.

Travel bloggers run small businesses, and having small businesses in this current climate is tough. So how can you help? Gemma suggests the following: ‘If you found a travel guide useful, a product review informative or a personal story intriguing share it with your friends and social media followers. Same goes for our Facebook posts and Tweets. If you like them, help spread the word. This not only gets more eyes on Two Scots Abroad but also tackles the annoying algorithms!

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