Coffee anyone?

Lindsay here,


I am a sucker for awareness days, the more obscure the better!


Wasn’t I in for a surprise to discover not only is it International Coffee Day today but also World Smile Day.


And, as my kids will attest to if there is one way to get me smiling it is with a Flat White or Latte :)


So when did Scotland’s relationship with coffee start?


Coffee was the first to reach Scotland, before tea, in the mid 17th century. And, in 1673 the first coffee houses opened in Scotland.


These early coffee houses were traditionally only frequented by men and regarded as places where many different kinds of business deals were brokered.


These days, the coffee culture in Scotland is a lot more vibrant and inclusive. In fact, Scotland boasts more than 20 coffee roasters. And, Edinburgh has the second highest number of coffee shops, outside of London than any other town in the UK.


If you are looking closer to home, a google search of “Best coffee shop in Dunfermline” brings some interesting results. Do you agree with them?


My personal favourite is Cafe Wynd. You can smell the coffee as you walk up the small lane. It is the intimate and cosy atmosphere that I love and yes the coffee is sublime.


My latest discovery has been the ice cream van that is to be found in The Glen. Much to my surprise it is not just ice cream that they serve but really delicious coffee too. Perfect on these crisp autumn days.


So whichever brew brings you a smile, enjoy and have a fabulous weekend.



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