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As you will know Dunfermline has benefited massively from wealthy benefactors in the past but with the absence of such individuals now it falls on Dunfermline folk to look after their own. However, to be fair we have been doing that for over 1,000 years so we probably have nothing much to worry about. Kings, palaces and parliaments come and go, as do councillors and quangos but people, families and neighbourhoods prevail. 

So, it was great to see Dunfermline being recognised as the best community in Scotland in a recent poll commissioned by Spar and where it was also named the city as the third-top community in the whole of the UK. This research highlighted things like green spaces, clubs, activities etc and how important these things were to our community.

One community group that is contributing positively to our culture just now if The Outwith Committee which will be running their arts festival from 6th to 11th September. Featuring a world class art exhibition, international film, comedy and a host of heritage, cultural and other activities as well as a whole live day of music it promises to be a fantastic 5 days and will hopefully attract interest from further afield as well as locally.

From Visit Dunfermline’s viewpoint there was further good news today as I have been invited to the American Consul General’s residence with Stewart D. McLaurin, President of The White House Historical Association. This event, on Monday, is to celebrate the connections between Scotland and The United States and the history of Scottish influence on the White House.

It is an immense pleasure to be able to fight Dunfermline’s corner in such exalted company.    

As the burgh motto says.. .

‘Esto Rupe Inaccessa’- ‘This Rock Shall Not Be Surmounted’. 

Carry on, Dunfermline, we’re doing just fine.  



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