Coorie (ku:ri) enjoying life the Scottish way

Greetings from Dunfermline, on a very dreich day.

Moving to Scotland has meant discovering so many new things, including words like dreich and blether, a liking for Haggis but a serious dislike for Black Pudding!

Perhaps my favourite discovery has been 'Coorie'.

After a recent visit to Limekilns and a delicious meal at Coorie by the Coast, I was keen to discover more about it.

'Coorie' is a traditional Gaelic word meaning 'nestle or snuggle.' More recently, it has come to depict a lifestyle trend.

In the 'The Art of Coorie' by Gabriella Bernett, she writes about being happy through simple pleasures, enjoying life the Scottish way. It is a lifestyle, a wellness trend of appreciating Scotland's beauty and what it has to offer.

Bringing a bit of Scottish beauty into my home always means a visit to Abbot House Gift Shop.

Needless to say, I was thrilled when they reopened. With a carefully and beautifully curated collection of products from a range of local providers, you are guaranteed to bring a little bit of joy home with you. I have never been able to just look around, there is always something gorgeous to buy!

So whether it is a walk, a delicious meal out, or catching up with family and friends in your home, I hope you find your Coorie this weekend.


PS 'The Art of Coorie' is also available at Abbot House.

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