Energies in the Toun

Hello Nicola here

Frank’s recent article The Gala is Back! told of how Visit Dunfermline will be supporting this year’s Children’s Annual Gala which is great news.

The images shared by Frank of the Gala from 1914 and later years showed the positive connective energies of those gathered, together with the treasured memories and emotions associated with this special day.

It made me think about other energies I’ve experienced growing up in Dunfermline and I wonder if any of these stand out for you?

🦚The sense of history and the passing of time, walking in and around our Heritage Quarter

🦚The stillness and silence in the Abbey

🦚The ‘anticipatory, celebratory, or maybe next time’ energies of supporters making their way along Halbeath Road

🦚The energetic roar from the crowd at East End Park when a goal is scored which can be heard for miles around

🦚The sense of a ‘presence’ in the Carnegie Hall… eek!

🦚The connection to nature in our parks with the birds and squirrels, coupled with the trees and gardens proudly displaying each of the seasons

🦚The proud energy that emanates from the peacocks as they explore the Coal Road or Chalmers Street

🦚Walking into a regular haunt and feeling the energy from music being played, and from the people gathered there

🦚The energy of connection when you gather with friends whether it be the Gala, the Christmas Lights switch on, or our annual Dunfermline Beer Fest

🦚Finally, a personal favourite, the energetic joy from a Stephen’s iced doughring!


What energies have you experienced?


Until next time



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