Food and Drink

Who has Scotland's best steak bridies? Where's the best Indian food in Scotland?

Or the finest Scottish roast beef. Or a simple plate of neeps and tatties... or authentic calamari to die for?

Glad you asked... Dunfermline of course!

Dunfermline and its Fine Selection of Pubs
Dunfermline Deliciousness
'I'll hae the stake pie pal!'

Our city boasts exceptional food and drink.

Spectacular in fact.

Let's prove some of the claims above...

Best Indian food in Scotland?

Dhoom won 'Best Restaurant' at the Scottish Curry Awards 2022. They received the Travellers Choice 2022 award too.

Over 300 5 Star 'Excellent' reviews on Trip Adviser puts them in the top 10% of all Indian restaurants... on the platform globally.

Dhoom are in an elite class of Indian eateries!

And it's not just Dhoom either...

We also love the food in Kushis (established in 1947) and the Everest Inn. Each produce authentic world class indian food, you won't find elsewhere.

Their reviews are exceptional too.


As you can see, Indian cuisine is top notch in Dunfermline.

That said the 'Auld Grey Toun' is not just for curry lovers either.

International food chefs are rapidly turning Dunfermline into a foodies Mecca and they are their teams produce world class dishes.

Italian food? Carluccis is a hidden gem.

It's best to book ahead, because their food is so popular.

No wonder.

Take the calamari for example, it's spectacular.

Note too...

If tough, chewy rubber like calamari is your experience elsewhere... don't worry. Carluccis is a million miles from those restaurants.

  • Fresh.
  • Skilled chefs.
  • Attentive fast service.

Scots/British fare: Roast beef, steaks, burgers, haddock and haggis restaurants.

For instance take the Ship Inn in Limekilns...

Among it's winning dishes you may wish to choose the Steak Pie, often acclaimed as the best in West Fife (The gravy. And perfect pastry is just the beginning... mouthwatering ;)


If you can't get a seat in the Ship Inn then maybe swing over to Jim & Jacks... probably the best fish n' chips restaurant in Dunfermline.

There why not help yourself to...

No nonsense battered haddock or haggis and a rake of chips.

Plus if you're in a rush or fancy taking the piping hot food with you, no problem. Sit on a bench in the Glen with your feast and walk it off after!


Dunfermlines Antioch Restaurant is top of rankings year after year.

If you've not enjoyed authentic Turkish food before visit Antioch. Their kebabs are to die for, but there's much more you'll also enjoy.

Owner Oscar and his friendly team will look after you. As a family run restaurant it shows. You won't be disappointed.

There we are then...

Whatever you crave, we'll make sure your taste buds never forget... the stunning taste of authentic food in Dunfermline.


Nearly forgot the drink!


A wee dram or pint in Dunfermline?

No problem.

A warm welcome awaits you at the Commercial Inn or the Monarch.

Slake your thirst, warm your heart and rest awhile by the fireside in the pub. After all, what else comes close?

Dunfermline and its Fine Selection of Pubs
Dunfermline Deliciousness
'I'll hae the stake pie pal!'

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