My Beautiful Bride (er... i.e.)

Timid Tam D here...

So to our awkward, blubbery tail,



Intrigue and yet a fat, satisfied belly.

How deep can you fall in love?

Do you... Skip across it in the sleety, summer rain,

Or plunge under,

The gasping waves of its drug like wonder,

When under it’s strange mysterious spell all the world suddenly transforms to glow with peace, wonder and dreamlike joy… no matter what horrors our Smartphones belch aboot us with dire foreboding.

Cos, When drenched in clouds of love I’ve noticed... The world's rotting stench of mean tricks or wickedness never seems to stick me down.

My hope never dims.


Fans burst into flame the best of all our dreams, with faith of a clear bright tomorrow.

So here’s to love for you… my dear trusty friend.

May you love and be loved in 2021 and forever.

As for me…

My love’s just arrived.

A beautiful,

Piping hot… Bridie.

I’d almost marry her if I could, yet she’s promised to another… my fat, satisfied belly.

Oh, where can I find another?

That’s easy…

The most beautiful Bridie in all O’ Scotland lives here.

Speak tomorrow.

Keep loving.

Tam D.

PS Think me uncouth in my coarse words of love above?

No worries oh corrector of my all too weak pen.

Why not unsubscribe then?

PPS For you who I know can do better (which let’s face it, can’t be hard reading froth like this!)...

Why not learn how to write yourself?

And then maybe even enter the generous realm of those who get sent fat wholesome royalties too :)

It’s easy now,


When you can have a ‘proper’ writer like Amy Tan or Neil Gaiman teach you... how on earth can you fail?

So write my love… WRITE!

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