New art showcase at Dunfermline’s Fire Station Creative

New art showcase at Dunfermline’s Fire Station Creative

GLASGOW-BASED artist Saul Robertson will be hanging his eighth solo exhibition at Fire Station Creative next month in Dunfermline.

The show, titled ‘Living In Time’, will offer an array of carefully executed oil paintings and pencil drawings which have taken several months to prepare.

“Attracting an artist of this calibre to our gallery is a bit of a coup” says curator Ian Moir.

“I first met Saul at the RGl prize giving ceremony in 2011. His work really stood out, so I invited him to exhibit with us long in advance of our opening.

“He has great credentials as an artist and seems to have won just about every painting prize there is to be had.”

Robertson, 37, who has previously exhibited at venues such as The Royal Academy in London and The Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, said: “I am really looking forward to the show because I have never exhibited in Dunfermline before and it’s in such an exiting new arts venue.

“I think Fire Station Creative is a worthwhile enterprise and one I am happy to be involved with.”

The artist’s work often features tiny figures standing by beautifully-painted seascapes or surreal buildings constructed of everyday objects such as marbles, candles, bottles, or playing cards.

When asked what inspires him, he said: “My ideas and imagery don’t come from one particular place, instead they come from various sources.

“For example, I often get ideas for paintings from reading. Most of my paintings are about time, although sometimes in an oblique way.”

The exhibition will be open to the public from Friday 2nd October to Thursday 29th October. The gallery is closed Monday/Tuesday. Entry is free.