New Season Hope - Come On Ye Pars!



One of the biggest voids for me personally during these Pandemic restrictions has been not being able to watch my beloved Dunfermline Athletic playing live around the grounds. 


Online streaming is okay, but nothing beats the experience of going to watch your team play in the flesh.


Never mind if the match itself is rubbish, live footie is still a relief from the stresses of everyday life.


Plus if you’re able to sneak in a Stephen’s half time bridie, even better ;)


And looking ahead I’m quite optimistic...

New manager Peter Grant has signed Deniz Mehmet, Nikolay Todorov, Ross Graham and Dan Pybus. And with his eyes on a few others, let’s approach the upcoming season with renewed hope.




Good luck to The Pars as we face yet another season trying to reclaim our rightful spot in the top echelons of Scottish football. Goodness knows, it’s long overdue.


Who knows...


Peter may just get us there!



Billy George


And the 'DAFC' Support Team

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