Police Raid Lads Flat (It's too warm)

This is weird to say the least!


What my lad discovered may help anyone despairing over our mad new gas and electric prices. Some predict it's going to £6,000.00!

Pre-Warning for you:

My son's solution is somewhat... 'Controversial.'

Here's what he came up with...

As a young pup studying in Glasgow University a few years back he rented a huge flat on Paisley Road West with his sax playing busking partner.

Massive single pane windows, some broken.

It was too freezing.

And so,

Being as frugal as his Dad...

He went to Tesco and bought a new heating system for a few quid.


He filled his trolley with this...

In fact, he bought every roll of tin foil in the place.

Then next day came back for more.

After which he literally wallpapered (silver-foiled) his whole flat.

Walls, windaes, the lot!

His pals laughed at him until...

They realised how warm the flat was, all with no heating on ;)

Wee issue though:

One evening at 10.00pm the drug squad raided him.

(He reckons either one of the Tesco staff or a neighbour cliped on him. I suspect the drug squads thermal imaging gizmo picked up how toasty his flat was!)

Either way, once inside...

Our goofy computer nerd in tee shirt and shorts welcomed them in.

40 frustrated minutes later,

Thinking they'd been outwitted by a master criminal...

Our brave bobbies decided on an alternative plan to uncover their suspected 'forbidden plant factory.' Next time they'd raid him at dawn when he'd not have time to 'hide everything.'

And so...

Ten days later at 4:30am they pounced.

This time with sniffer dogs.

Ha ha...

Nae luck again boys?!

They still drew a blank.

And 45 minutes later, after having thrown everything aboot the place... after looking decidedly hot, puffy faced and sweaty they left.

So the moral of the story?

Do what you need to do (legally;) this winter.


Politicians will never run out of hot air to keep them warm...

And sellers get rich peddling gas, water, lecky etc.

Or others speak of Nationalising energy,


You and I need to live.

We'll find a way.

But it means...

Think outside the boxing ring.


Tam D Matheson

PS If the thought of the challenges of the winter ahead or money issues are getting too much for you, Spark in Viewfield Terrace may be able to help you. You can talk via phone or online too.

A problem shared is a problem halved.

Don't suffer in silence if that's you.

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