Prediction: An Oasis is arriving for Dunfermline

Back in the day...

A slim Tam D,

Was a chatty waiter for an excellent purveyor of Balti Cuisine... in yon Fountainbridge, Edinburgh.

It was always stuffed with happy diners.

One afternoon,

Afzal the owner...

Revealed his life 'secret of success' to me.

He said...

"Every evening before doors open...

I imagine I've invited everyone into my home to have dinner with my family and I in our living room.

I tell myself,

'This is not a restaurant.

It's our home - and all my staff are family to me.

Let's love our guests. Let's make them feel they're part of our family.'"

We loved working there.

Our humble boss had created an 'Oasis' out of nothing.

The food and atmosphere both superb...

And this week it struck me,

Here in Dunfermline another boss is doing exactly the same.

Nihat Oymak.

While we chatted, he shared his success formula too...

  • Good old fashioned family service.
  • Quality ingredients.
  • Value for money.

It certainly seems to work.


In 2019 The Antioch won Best Turkish Restaurant in Scotland.

(On Trust Pilot some even rate it... 11 out of 10).

To top that though,

In early 2022...

He's also opening a 24 room hotel above his former business La Menta (which has been completely revamped and renamed as 'The Amorist')

The bistro side is open now (with rave reviews of course).

Makes sense...

After all 'Amor' is love isn't it ;)


My prediction is...

The 'Amorist' Hotel, Dunfermline... will quickly become the 'Oasis' every traveler heads to in 2022 and beyond.

And finally,

Did you know...

When all the work is complete, Nihat will have invested £250,000 to improve Dunfermline's centre and make it more attractive to visitors and locals alike.

That's love.

Amorist style ;)

Tam D

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