Sensory delights in The Glen


If you have been down to the Glen recently, you would have noticed the Friends of Pittencrieff Park Park volunteers hard at work.

The Friends, in consultation with the Glen's gardeners, decided to convert the Kitchen Garden area to a Sensory Garden. 

In the Autumn and Winter the four beds and the herb area were cleared of old vegetables and weeds and left fallow over the Winter.

The plants chosen are mostly scented or, like the grasses, provide movement in the wind. 

The planting is not yet complete but, by the end of the summer, the volunteers hope the area will not only be an attractive place for humans to visit but also butterflies and other pollinating insects.

Do yourself a favour and pop down to see how the Sensory Garden is coming along. It is such a beautiful space and I can't wait to see the magic created by this incredible team come to life.

Have a fantastic weekend



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