'To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow'

Hello on a Wednesday!


I am looking out of the window at gorgeous puffy clouds and grass that needs cutting again…


It was only cut two days ago!


It feels like the grass is coming to life again much like I am. I am loving these light evenings and longer days.


For me, May means getting outside and putting my enthusiastic albeit novice gardening skills to practice.


It has taken a bit of getting used to (coming from the southern hemisphere) of what to plant when, that is where the expert tips from Dobbies has come in so handy. Their Gardening Tips for May is full of great suggestions and advice that is easy to follow. 


Dobbies in Fife Leisure Park is one of my favourite shops to visit. It is a destination and experience all in one. From plants to pets and great food in between (did I mention the coffee….) you are sorted. 


The wonderful team have helped me to learn my viola from my pansy and I have developed a soft spot for geraniums.


And longer evenings means its BBQ season (we call it a Braai 😉) and like with gardening, the Dobbies Team are there to answer all your BBQ/outdoor entertainment questions and thrill you with an amazing range of goodies.


I have always wondered why I feel so much calmer in the garden? Is it watching something grow or seeing the beauty of nature on your doorstep or maybe a combination of both? Whatever it is, there has been extensive research which shows the benefit of gardening on our mental health.


Let Dobbies  inspire you to get out and enjoy the delights of helping something to grow.

And, next time you are there and you see someone staring lovingly at (another) plant it is probably me.

As for my husband? I leave him in the BBQ section!


Have a great evening, next stop Friday!




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