What Does The Future Hold For Our Town?

Billy here, with some home thoughts...

It goes without saying we here at Visit Dunfermline are very passionate about our town centre. We want to promote any ideas to help make it a more attractive place to visit.

Of course, there are problems too. And those besetting Dunfermline are not in any way unique.

Changing retail habits, out of town retail parks and the pandemic have all had their say. Plus as a town losing a big player like Debenhams hits us more acutely than bigger cities.

So, what are the solutions?

How can we improve things moving forward?

Firstly, I think no one knows better than the folk that live here in this community.

By empowering people with a vested interest in their town and with an increased appetite for localism I believe good things can happen.

As someone who was involved with Fire Station Creative for 10 years, I can testify first-hand, positive outcomes can be achieved in this area.

Whilst retail is obviously important it is not the be all and end all.

Art, culture, well-being, sport, education and leisure all have a massive part to play.

Bringing people into town centres to live is a worthy idea. With some fantastic residential developments emerging, we’re seeing some improvements which is promising, though more affordable housing planning is crucial.

Of course,

Another major bone of contention is the availability and cost of parking spaces and some real thought is needed in this area.

Debate for another day perhaps.

Having said all that…

Where do you see promise?

What ideas have you got that we could help get in front of the right people?

As ever your opinions are greatly valued so please get in touch.

Billy George

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