Where to? Tappy Toories, Coady's, Creepy Wee or Somewhere Else?

Billy George checking with some great news!

Finally... Dunfermline's pubs are open to patrons indoors again!

Which means no need to take your tartan blanket to enjoy a pint or glass of wine and you can also get a wee wine with your meal now too.

Rumour has it that Coady’s Bar was chocca at 11 am with the patrons in full party mode!

I’m not sure how rules on hugging will get on though.

Dunfermline has always had a lively pub culture and with such a lot of licensed premises within a relatively small area it has the potential to be a very attractive place to visit for a night out.

Improvements in several establishments, who’ve seen recent changes in ownership/management, have already taken place.

The Creepy Wee Pub has had a new extension which looks fantastic from the pictures I’ve seen on Facebook. (Good luck to Claire and her team).

Just across the road Harry Clark has taken over the reins at Tappy Toories (named by local legend Stuart Adamson). Harry says he will be opening upstairs too for the first time in many years and is looking forward to opening the doors very soon.

Old favourite Somewhere Else is back on the scene with a new team at the helm and have already added a nice wee outdoor bit too. Although the sun struggles to shine its light in the old alley way they've added heaters strong enough to give you a tan whilst you enjoy your favourite tipple.

Good luck to all our bars and restaurants after such a tough time.

Time for us to all get out and support a vital part of our local economy.


Billy George.

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