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Always affectionally known as the ‘Auld Grey Toun,’ in 2022 we were awarded City status. So now we’re officially a royal ‘City’…

Shots around the 'Auld Grey Toun' of Dunfermline, now a Royal Scottish city.Shots around the 'Auld Grey Toun' of Dunfermline, now a Royal Scottish city.Shots around the 'Auld Grey Toun' of Dunfermline, now a Royal Scottish city.
Dunfermline—Scotland's hidden cultural gem!

Quite rightly too,

Because some of Scotland’s most famous monarchs lie at rest in the Abbey, including King Robert The Bruce of course.

Altogether there are…

Six kings, two queens and three princes buried at Dunfermline Abbey.


Dunfermline is famous for lots more besides Scottish history.

For example did you know…

Golf owes it’s debut in USA thanks to Dunfermline?

It’s true.


  • The Damask industry.

  • Andrew Carnegie. 

  • Big Country...

Are all part of our rich heritage

Music is a big part of culture here and we’ve hosted countless musical acts and festivals over the years.


Legendary acts

  • The Yardbirds. 

  • The Clash. 

  • The Dutch College Swing Band. 

  • Hawkwind. 

  • Acker Bilk. 

  • Cream. 

  • Deep Purple. 

  • The Jeff Beck Group.

  • Matt Munro. 

  • Rory Gallagher. 

  • Thin Lizzy. 

  • David Bowie. 

  • The Beat. 

  • Boney M. 

  • The Who. 

  • Elton John. 

  • The Kinks. 

  • Dillinger. 

  • Stiff Little Fingers. 

Therefore as you see,

We Fifers love music, independent thinking, appreciation of the Arts. And the history, culture and future of the 'Auld Grey Toun' both ancient and modern really is our passion. And we want the whole world to know :)

Specifically about us here at Visit Dunfermline itself…

Who’s the team at Visit Dunfermline?

I'm Billy George, born and raised in Dunfermline almost 60 years. 

And along with a couple of local colleagues we aim to bring you something uniquely Scots. Uniquely Fife… uniquely Dunfermline in our Newsletter :)

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Thanks again for stopping by,

From the Ancient Kingdom of Fife to a heart near you. 

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A proud Scot, born and raised in Dunfermline almost 60 years. Love the 'Auld Grey Toun', Dunfermline Athletic and celebrating Scotlands rich history and current culture with a Fifer's keen eye :)