Loved your article! There is great potential in Dunfermline. Full of History, Great Parks and now a City. It really has an enormous amount to offer which could be harnessed for the economic benefits of all its Citizens as the 'Ancient Capital of Scotland' and a Growing City!

I have just moved back from England myself after 35 years away from Scotland and am suprised that the local council doesn't do more to market itself . There is of course a large amount of work that has gone into infrastructure such as signage and wi-fi etc as well as facilities such as Carneigie Hall and of course Pittencrieff Park.

However I don't see a lot of efforts going into promoting the town and its great attributes. I am sure that as the 'Ancient Capital of Scotland' it could be relevant and interesting to all manner of people including many of the tourists who visit Edinburgh, Schools and Colleges as well as anyone interested in Scottish History.

Hopefully not too much of a rant! As I am now semi retired from the Commercial/Marketing World I am more that happy to help 'Visit Dunfermline' in any way I can I have about 1-2 Days a week free which if I can be of assistance hen please let me know


Sandy Sewell

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Thanks for your reply Sandy. Some great ideas in there. I’d certainly be very interested in speaking to you to see if you can help in any way. My email address is billy@visitdunfermline.com. Drop me an email and we can hopefully take things forward. Thanks.

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